I am really pleased that the jump to full time artist seems to be working out so well. And I am right chuffed that Haru is getting the proper book treatment it deserves (even if I have to wait longer to read on).

Your comments about twitter are right on the mark. This obsession with followers over connecting with like minded people is sad and a bit ridiculous.

Any plans for signings when the book is released? I really want my copy signed.

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Thanks so much Pete!

I think it's still a fairly blurry transition to be honest, as I'm still having to juggle some bits of freelance work and web development, to make the finances work through the course of the year. But hopefully this will gradually improve over the next few years as I get more books in the world. Every step is a lesson, anyway.

Oh yes I'd love to do some signings! Any recommendations or suggestions that you've seen work well?

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