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Mm, my dad died just over six years ago, and you're right. Christmas sort of ends there. I suppose that it's different for people with children.

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Thanks for the comment, Gavin, yes greif absolutely changes it.

I still love a lot about this season, but it's like someone flicked a switch on that day and the landscape just changed completely.

I'm not sure how much children really affect that, but I think their presence can also offer a different focus - new memories forming rather than indulging past ones. It's hard for sure.

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You're absolutely right with imposter syndrome. I constantly feel like a fraud because I keep finding myself in pits of creative despair which ultimately lead to me not finishing work. I don't feel like I can call myself a legit artist because I'm not publishing comics online or in print with any sort of regularity and that voice in my head is constantly telling me what I'm working on is rubbish.

I've found recently that if I work fast, I can outrun that voice in my head. By the time I hear "this is rubbish", I'm already 80% done so I feel more compelled to finish.

My goal for this year is to keep outrunning that voice.

For what it's worth, your work is always astounding and I enjoy flipping through the books I've read just to soak it all up :)

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